Comedian Aries Spears Gets Duffed Out Live On Camera by Zo Williams


(TIML NEWS)  Shit got real for Aries Spears as he gets pounded out during a recent guest appearance comedian Aries Spears made on the ‘Corey Holcomb 5150’ radio show, alongside radio personality Zo Williams.

During a live broadcast of the show, the conversation between Williams and Spears turned to a heated debate when comments were made in regards to former president Barack Obama. Williams apparently became angry with Spears, after the former MADtv regular continuously cut him off.

As animosity built, Williams became fed up and gave Spears a hostile warning, yelling, “I’ve had about enough of your s***, that’s the truth, shut the f*** up while I’m talking.”

What came next was a slew of light-skinned vs dark-skinned commentary between the two Black men. (#BRUH) In addition, some say Spears, who led the roasting match, was a bit drunk during the broadcast as well. #StraightFaceMafia.

In a video obtained by TMZ, the verbal attacks became physical as Williams then proceeded to repeatedly punch Spears in the head. Peep the video below!!!