An 8-Year-Old Stole His Father’s Car To Get Some McDonald’s Cheeseburgers


(TIML NEWS) An eight-year-old from Ohio reportedly stole his father’s car in order to take himself and his four-year-old sister to McDonald’s drive-thru for some before-bedtime cheeseburgers.

According to WMFJ, the incident occurred around 8 p.m. on Sunday (Apr. 9) while the children’s parents were asleep after a long day of playing outside with their kids.

East Palestine, Ohio police officer Jacob Koehler, who came across the boy at the restaurant, says that the family’s home is about a half mile away from the fast-food joint. On the drive, the boy reportedly obeyed the rules of the road by stopping at all red lights he came across and made a right turn and went through four intersections without hitting anything. Thankfully no one was hurt

“He looked up videos on YouTube on how to drive,” said officer Koehler. “The employees thought they were being pranked. I’ve only been a police officer for two years, but I don’t think I’ll have anything like this for the rest of my career.”

The siblings were picked up by their parents at the police station, and they still got their McDonald’s while they waited. No charges are being filed