(T.I.M.L Presents Beyond The States) Yemi- Holla at me


(TIML BEYOND THE STATES) With the onset of Yung Lean’s popularity, it became clear that hip-hop’s influence reached further than many initially thought. The Swedish star didn’t really offer a clear indication of Swedish hip-hop was really like, instead providing a distorted take on America’s woozier rap artists. Europagang, which includes the incredibly promising Busu alongside producer Teo Sweden and Yemi, offer a bit more of a uniquely Swedish take on the genre.

“I feel like Swedish rap has stood in the exact same spot for a while, a lot of hopping on American trends,” Yemi tells us over email. “I’ve been seeing a few people doing efforts to move it forward for real lately though. It’s been slightly more interesting the past year than it’s been in a long while.” At the forefront of these advances is Yemi, who dropped his first English-language track late last year. Take a listen below!!!