Future’s “Mask Off” Goes Gold With A Little Help From The #MaskOffChallenge



(TIML NEWS) Your boy Nayvadius just continues to win. However, when the Internet gets a hold of some dope tunes, you can bet someone will conjure up a social media challenge to go right along with it. Lo and behold, the #MaskOffChallenge was birthed giving Future’s track new momentum. The extra push no doubt worked as the RIAA announced: “Mask Off” has gone gold, selling 500,000 units.

The best part about the #MaskOffChallenge is, it showcases a plethora of talented musicians all flexing their musicianship with instruments including the violin, cello and of course the flute. It seems as if this is a win-win for everyone involved. Future continues to put points on the board, while the Internet continues to demonstrate its creativity.