Australian Rapper “2Pec” Jumped Into the Sea to Avoid $600 Restaurant Bill


(TIML NEWS) News has broke of an Australian rapper named 2pec being arrested for allegedly skipping out on a hefty bill at a seafood restaurant located in Surfers Paradise. The rapper allegedly built up about $600 worth of food from the Omeros Bros restaurant, but fled the scene by diving into the water near the restaurant and swimming away by the time the check arrived at the table. According to BBC, the authorities went after the rapper, searching for him with jetskis. Eventually, the police found the man hours later. Once 2pec was caught, he told the cops that the reason he left was because a friend was giving birth nearby on a beach. BBC noted that the rapper allegedly ordered and ate 21 vodka oyster shots, two lobsters, a baby octopus, and drank many Coronas. He complained to the police that the lobsters were overcooked.

2pec was charged with theft and assault and was granted bail. A spokesperson from the Omeros Bros responded to 2pec’s claims of eating “overcooked” lobster, saying “We pride ourselves on cooking our lobsters perfectly.” LOL Sound off below