6 Reasons Why Cat People Rule


(TIML NEWS)  For certain animal lovers, a fluffy coat and a prima donna attitude tug at the heartstrings. Although you might think you know all about “cat people,” think again. Male, female, young and old — cat lovers come in all age groups and from all walks of life. Understanding feline obsession is simple when you consider cat people exhibit many of the same traits as their cherished, tail-swishing friends.



Cat people keep you guessing. From playful to bored, their moods change quickly. They don’t wear their hearts on their sleeves and prefer to play their emotional cards close to the vest, but they never lack sincerity. Curious, imaginative, stealthy and a little eccentric, they are always open to trying new things.


 Like their pets, cat people are fiercely independent. Although they enjoy the company of others, they don’t feel they need to be friends with everyone. They like getting attention but don’t crave it, and they understand the difference between being lonely and being alone. Cat lovers are happy to have peace and quiet to relax and regroup


In many cat homes, cats rule, but in human-to-human interactions, their owners take charge. When it comes to making decisions, cat people prefer to call the shots, from picking paint colors to choosing a restaurant. Very resourceful, they have a clear vision about what they want and great organizational skills.


Cat people have a keen intellect. Often voracious readers, they peruse the newspaper to keep up with current events and relish an interesting biography as much as a good novel. Not surprisingly, cat lovers enjoy intellectual sparring with loved ones and dry, witty humor.


Similar to their furry companions, cat owners are typically low maintenance. They enjoy the little things in life like a favorite song, an afternoon nap or a beautiful sunset. A good movie at home often trumps a night out on the town, and cat lovers rarely take friends and family for granted.


When it comes to their pets, cat people go out of their way when it comes to showing a little love. They don’t come home from the grocery store without a treat or toy, and their kitties fill up their social media pages. Everyone wants to date a cat person, but if you’re a fellow cat lover, it’s a match made in heaven. After all, how could anyone not love such a sweet, cute animal?

Sometimes aloof, other times affectionate, cats are a rare breed. With an abundance of similar personality traits like curiosity, independence and affection, cat people have plenty to offer as well. Sound off below!!!