Shia Labeouf’s New Movie Sold Just 1 Ticket During UK Opening, Grosses $8.70


(TIML NEWS) Shia LaBeouf’s new movie premiered in the UK this past weekend, and to say that it flopped would be a huge understatement.

“Man Down” had one singular theater to sell out, as it was only screened at Reel Cinema in Burnley, England. The wartime drama, which follows the plight of a Marine who returns from a tour in Afghanistan to make locating his estranged son his life’s priority, was initially placed in limited theaters back in December 2016.

According to ComScore the film’s UK debut sold one ticket, raking in $8.70. To LaBeouf’s credit, this week’s theater premier did coincide with the release of the film on demand television. But by any standard, only one sale does sound as though it might be an indication of a struggling career. This what happens when you no longer wanna play by their rules……. the higher ups will end your career.