Pot (Loud) on a plane? TSA reverses course after briefly saying it’s OK to fly with cannabis (Gorrila Glue)


(TIML NEWS) For at least 24 hours, it appeared that the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) had officially declared what many had suspected all along: if you have a prescription, you can fly with marijuana.

The TSA website’s “What Can I Bring?” page – listing items allowed and banned from plane travel – amended their “Medical Marijuana” section on Tuesday so that a bright green “Yes” appeared next to “checked” and “carry-on bags”.

The incident has only added to the confusion surrounding whether marijuana users have anything to fear in bringing pot on to a plane. Currently, there are only six US states that ban cannabis in all forms. With 13% of citizens reportedly saying they consume the drug regularly, there are now millions of Americans who find themselves in a legal gray area when they travel with cannabis.

State marijuana laws differ in minimum age, medical versus recreational usage and amounts allowed. Plus, marijuana is still very much illegal in nearly all contexts under federal law.

While some travelers are overcome with paranoia at the thought of flying with weed – like the Hawaiian man who assaulted a TSA officer and tried to flee the airport to keep them from finding the joint hidden below his groin – it’s not uncommon to hear stories of people confidently walking through security with marijuana in their pocket. Im totally guilty of this..i once took an 8th of Loud aka Marijuana on a flight. Turned out to be a great idea…would never do that again though.