The Plot Thickens as Suge Knight’s Son Denies That His Father Revealed Tupac’s Killer: “This Is A Terrible Publicity Stunt”


(TIML NEWS) Who killed Tupac? Suge Knight may have solved the mystery behind Pac’s death, but the rumor is already getting blasted as a “publicity stunt.”

Suge Knight’s 21-year-old son and namesake says reports about his father revealing Tupac’s killer are false.

“This is terrible publicity stunt and these are the same ones that want to keep my father locked up,” Suge Jacob Knight wrote on Instagram Tuesday (April 4). “Tryna profit off my dad’s life is sick and he deserves his rights and freedom!”

According to a new documentary, Tupac Assassination 3: Battle for Compton, Suge was the intended target in the drive-by shooting that killed the 25-year-old rapper. Suge’s ex-wife, Sharitha Knight, and Reggie Wright Jr, a former security head at Death Row Records, are the alleged masterminds behind the slaying.

As the story goes, Sharitha wanted her ex-husband dead, and Pac got caught in the crossfire.

Michael Douglas Carlin and Richard Bond, the team behind Compton, say Suge confirmed that the “theories in the movie were true.”

Suge, who was grazed by a bullet during the 1996 shooting, reportedly affirmed the murder theory in a signed affidavit from his lawyer Thaddues Culpepper. He also alleged that Sharitha made various attempts to take his life, and that Wright had involvement in the murder of Biggie Smalls.

View his son’s full Instagram post below.

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