Suge Knight Finally Reveals Who Murdered Tupac


(TIML NEWS) Over 20 years later and the truth has finally come out! Suge Knight just admitted who killed 2pac.

It’s been a mystery in hip hop about who Pac’s murderers were. Many initially believed that The Notorious B.I.G. and Diddy (Puff Daddy at the time) had something to do with it. However, the former Death Row Records CEO is saying that the killers are really two people who never would’ve crossed our minds.

Suge says that his ex-wife Sharitha and former Death Row security chief Reggie White Jr are the ones who got the MC killed. Moreover, the former bossman says that HE was the target of the shooting that ended Pac’s life.

Suge’s lawyer, Thaddeus Culpepper, produced a signed affidavit that stated, “Knight has known for many years that Reggie Wright Jr. and his ex-wife Sharitha were behind the murder of Tupac and attempted murder of Knight,” Daily Mail reports. Culpepper also admitted that Suge knows that Wright had an involvement with Biggie Smalls’ murder, as well.

What made Suge decide to speak out now? The documentary Tupac Assassination: Battle for Compton, which investigates the unknown facts that led to Pac’s death. “When our book came out and we were working on the movie, we gave the salient points of the book (Tupac: 187 The Red Knight) to Thaddeus Culpepper, who read them to Suge Knight,’ co-director of the doc, Richard Bond, said. “Suge’s initial response was, ‘Who the hell are these guys?”’

A source also added: “He admitted to Culpepper that the theories in the movie were true.”

On September 7, 1996; 2pac was shot in Las Vegas while riding in a car. Suge and some other associates were in the vehicle, as well. The rapper died six days later from his injuries. He was only 25 years old. WOW. THIS DEF MAKES SENSE….Sound off below!!!