Man Nearly Electrocuted After Leaving Phone Charging By Bedside


(TIML NEWS) An Alabama man was nearly electrocuted in late March from what he believes was his phone charging throughout the night by his bedside.

According to The Washington Post, Wiley Day fell asleep with his phone charging through an extension cord. As he woke up, his metal dog tag chain somehow caught on to the loose prongs of the charger.

The chain conducted electricity, and Day was shocked through the chain to his neck. He was jolted out of his bed and went completely numb, an experience he says was “the eeriest, darkest, most demonic thing you could ever experience.”

“Your body is numb at that point,” he told The Washington Post. “I guess people would think it would be burning, but in my case I felt a whole lot of pressure around my neck.” Day also said that his eyesight became blurred, and he could hear his heart beating through his ears. His niece said that the extension cord was smoking.

“When I came to and figured out what happened, I literally stood straight up, and I said, ‘Oh my God, I think I just got electrocuted.,’” he continued.

He was taken to a hospital immediately, where he was treated for second and third-degree burns to his hands and neck. He was in the hospital for three days before being released.

“Benjamin Fail, a Huntsville physician, told WAAY News that 100 volts of electricity can kill a person,” writes The Post. “He estimated that Day had been hit with about 110 volts. “He is lucky to be alive…Electrocution kills.””