Woman Arrested For Beating Up Daughter’s Rival, Taking Ax To Her Car


(TIML NEWS) A woman from Miami attempted to defend her daughter after a reported scuffle with some other girls at the county fair. However, her unorthodox approach resulted in her arrest.

According to the New York Daily News, 30-year-old Ernstlatta LaFrance approached her daughter’s teenage rival at Carol City Senior High School and beat her up. Police say that LaFrance knocked the girl’s cell phone out of her hand before attacking her by pulling her hair and punching her.

After the woman left the high school, the teenage girl went to her house in an attempt to retrieve her cell phone, where she was attacked again. This time, LaFrance broke the girl’s middle finger by hitting her with a stick and destroyed her car with an ax. She was arrested and charged with child abuse, aggravated battery and strong-armed robbery, and was held on $38,000 bail. She is currently on house arrest until her trial.

The woman’s girlfriend, 28-year-old Erlisa Evans was also arrested after firing gunshots into the air. She was charged with “firing a gun in public and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.”

LaFrance also posted a video of the attack to Facebook, where she reportedly “bragged” about beating up the teenager, and said that “two black eyes was not the end.” A police report noted that LaFrance would “use a gun” if necessary.