New York City Bans Chicken Tenders From Public Schools Due To Metal Discovery


(TIML NEWS) New York City is spreading lunchtime blues across public schools today (March 30). ABC 7 reports that the city plans to remove chicken tenders and pizza from their menus, following a nationwide recall by their supplier, OK Foods, Inc.

Pieces of metal reportedly appeared in the lunchtime delicacy of chicken tenders. After five of the city’s students discovered metal in their lunches, the city initiated the necessary recall. Although there were no similar incidences involving pizza, officials removed it due to possible contamination.

To reassure the public of the city’s urgency with this issue, Mayor Bill de Blasio asserted, “D.O.E. (Department of Education) immediately pulled all of those shipments of food out of the system, they stopped that supplier from providing anything to us.”

The D.O.E. reassured even further: “Due to quality control concerns, we suspended the distribution of sliced pizza and chicken tenders. The safety of students always comes first and families should rest assured that school food is safe and nutritious. These items will not be served again until all concerns have been addressed. Schools are offering alternative menu options and we’re exploring new sources for these products

Some Twitter users were taken aback, but not in the way you might imagine: