DJ Jazzy Jeff Says The ‘Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air’ Theme Song Took 15 Minutes To Create


(TIML NEWS) Here’s a noteworthy story on how one of television’s most recognizable theme songs came to be.

In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, DJ Jazzy Jeff (who co-wrote the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air song with Will Smith) and the show’s co-creator Andy Borowitz, revealed the theme melody took less than 30 minutes to create. “We literally went into the studio and made the theme song in about 15 minutes,” Jeff recalled. “One of the things Will used to always say is the hardest part to come up with for a song is the concept, but the concept behind the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air was already laid out. I ended up just going in and programming some music, and he wrote something and laid it down.”

At the time of the show’s initial production, no one would have guessed the level of success the program would achieve. Borowitz admits to how naïve the creators were about the show’s potential longevity.

“I don’t think at the time anyone at the time would’ve guessed that it was going to have this kind of [legacy],” he said. “Because when you decide to do anything, you never say, ‘Oh, and 30 years from now people are going to be rapping this at bar mitzvahs.’ You just don’t imagine that.”