Snapchat Slammed Over Whitewashed Frida Kahlo Filter


(TIML NEWS) WTF….. Snapchat is under fire for yet another controversial filter. The social media network’s attempt to honor Frida Kahlo on International Women’s Day (Mar. 8) went left as many users pointed out how whitewashed the custom lens of the iconic Mexican painter came across on screen.

Had she been alive today, Kahlo more than likely wouldn’t approve of the tribute, which glossed over her brown skin and dark eyes. As Remezcla points out, the self-portrait artist was widely known for rejecting Eurocentric standards of beauty in favor of traditional Oaxacan styles.

According to reports, users weren’t fond of how the app reimagined civil rights activist Rosa Parks and scientist Marie Curie either. Last year, the company was also criticized for its Bob Marley filter, which many likened to digital blackface, and its anime-themed lens, which promoted racist stereotypes of Asians.

C’MON Get it together, Snapchat