Allen Iverson says, Michael Jordan Is Still Pissed About That Crossover


(TIML NEWS) For those of us who had the privilege of growing up during Michael Jordan’s prime, like me there was this understood rule that Jordan could do anything and defeat anyone on a basketball court. It’s like the sky is blue, water is wet and MJ is the best. Those were the rules and that’s what we stuck to. So it was shocking, okay jaw dropping, when during Allen Iverson’s rookie year he got the best of Jordan with his trademark crossover.

The 20 year anniversary of that moment was Monday, and ESPN’s Jemele Hill and Michael Smith chatted with A.I. to ask whether he thinks the MJ crossover or when he sonned the hell out of Tyron Lue by stepping over him was the best moment. Iverson chose the crossover and said nearly two decades after he proved The Bulls shooting guard was a mere human like the rest of us, Jordan is still pretty pissed about the situation.