YG Breaks $60K Show Contract to Perform “FDT” at SDSU


(TIML NEWS) After Donald Trump was elected, YG labeled his anti-Trump song, “FDT”, the official hip-hop anthem for the next four years. He also was offered to perform it at Inauguration Day for $4 million.

On Friday (March 3), the Compton rapper headlined San Diego State University’s Greenfest and reportedly broke his contract for the show, when he performed “FDT”.

YG was expected to take home $60,000 for the performance, but may miss out on the payday.

SDSU says Greenfest is to “encourage, celebrate, and advocate for sustainability, SDSU Pride, and diversity.” With that said, YG performing “FDT” may have been the most appropriate thing he could’ve done.

YG has not commented on the reports, or if he lost $60,000 for the show.