Remy Ma Takes On Women’s Issues In New Freestyle Video

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(TIML NEWS) Remy Ma is the woman of the hour, and in a new video for Marie Claire, the Bronx MC tackles the uneven playing field between men and women in two freestyles.

The first freestyle tackles men’s rights activists. In the rhyme, Remy discusses how men have it a lot easier than women, despite being the main ones to complain about their problems.

“I mean seriously, y’all don’t think you already have enough sh**?” she says. “Y’all got priests, Presidents, nearly every justice in Supreme Court. I mean, like for like, y’all make twenty percent more, I’m really having a hard time seeing with y’all arguing for…Y’all just emotional, cry baby mad men that need to shut the f**k up.”

The second freestyle is about the concept of glass ceilings and inequality.

“It’s crazy, my bank account is determined by my body parts,” she says with a puzzled look on her face. “Breasts affect checks, a** affects cash. He has a penis, I have a vagina, so his salary’s automatically higher? So, don’t tell me that lie about glass ceilings not being true. Hillary [Clinton] already cracked it. Next time, we’re breaking through.”

Remy made headlines late last week with a scathing freestyle aimed at Nicki Minaj titled “shETHER,” which ignited one of the most talked about hip-hop feuds in recent memory.

Her women’s rights freestyles can be viewed below.