Oscars 2017: Twitter Makes Light Of Oscars’ Best Picture Screw Up With Envelope Memes



(TIML NEWS) Because laughs are important, it didn’t take long for Twitter to turn the Academy Awards biggest fluke of the night into a slew of jokes. On Sunday (Feb. 26) after La La Land was mistakenly given Moonlight’s Best Picture Oscar, those over at the digital peanut gallery provided other alternatives cards for winners.

After the ceremony’s PA’s jumped on stage to find the correct envelope (there were three floating around),  La La Land’s Jordan Horowitz held up the correct card for all the world to see, promising the cast it “wasn’t a joke.” The film cleaned up technical categories like Best Orginal Score, Best Cinematography and Best Actress, Best Director, Best Orginal Song and an award for Production Design while Moonlight took home a Best Supporting Actor (Mahershala Ali,) and Best Adapted Screenplay, on top of their Best Picture award.