NASA’s New ‘Holy Grail’ Could Mean Aliens Are Truly Out There


(TIML SCIENCE) If you thought we were “alone” in this solar system, you might be playing yourself. According to a revelation from NASA earlier today, scientists have reportedly found a new solar system (which orbits a star known as TRAPPIST-1, which is 8 percent the size of the sun) with a number of planets that look like Earth, act like Earth, and probably call themselves “New Earth” behind our backs. Hell, NASA calls it a new record.


According to The Independent, three of the seven(!) planets that have been discovered are NASA’s “holy grail for planet-hunting astronomers,” because they are of the “right temperature to allow alien life to flourish.” These planets could even have oceans… WAIT, WHAT!? DID NASA JUST HIGHKEY DISCOVER ALIENS!?

Slow down; they apparently haven’t found life on these planets, yet, but that could be on the way. There’s potential for these planets to hold life, and according to scientists, there’s a “strong, very strong, or conclusive” possibility that there is life on these planets. As a kid I never believed we were the only life out in an Infinite Universe.

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