Diddy Says He’s Now a Billionaire


(TIML NEWS) Forbes has said he’s been closing in on the billionaire mark for a few years, but now, Diddy says he’s now there.

In a clip uploaded to his official Youtube channel, the hip-hop mogul officially declares himself a billionaire. “A young boy from Harlem, I couldn’t even be a waiter. They didn’t want me to be a waiter, so you know what I did? I became a billionaire,” Diddy says in the clip.

Back in 2015, Forbes estimated Diddy’s net worth to be around $735 million, meaning in just two short years, he’s upped that number by nearly $300 million. His portfolio includes a number of brands and companies, including Ciroc Vodka, Bad Boy Records, Revolt TV, Sean John and AQUAhydrate.

Is Diddy hip-hop’s first billionaire? Dr. Dre gave himself the title in 2014, following the sale of his Beats brand to Apple for $3.2 billion.