Mysonne Claims The New York Sound With “That’s How We On It”


(TIML MUSIC) In a Hip-Hop game that seems to ignore the New York sound, Mysonne returns with “That’s How We On It,” a New York City anthem that takes pride in the classic sound that fans have been craving.

The New York City scene is captured throughout the music video as we see Mysonne make his way through the famous boroughs during the four seasons. New York was definitely present throughout the video with appearances by Funk Flex, Busta Rhymes, Young. M.A. and even a special appearance from Virginia born NBA superstar Allan Iverson.

The video ends with a steady shot of Mysonne holding a sign that reads “Say her name, Deborah Danner,” as a tribute to Deborah Danner who was gunned down by New York police sergeant who improperly handled an encounter with Danner who had a mental disorder.

In a time where artist are releasing music that is heavily influenced by different trends in the industry, Mysonne reminds us of the way of life that makes us proud to be from New York over an upbeat tempo that will have you bopping all the way through the track.