Alex Trebek & Jeopardy! Are Back At It Again With The Rap Lyrics


(TIML NEWS) One of the greatest game shows of all time (and that isn’t up for debate), Merv Griffin created “Jeopardy!” back in 1964 and over half a century later it is as refreshing as ever.

Known for dipping its toes in the hip hop pool on occasion (“answers” ranging from Camrons pink Range Rover to 90s rap lyrics — twice! — to Asap Rocky to The Life of Pablo), the show did it once again the other night (Feb. 20th) when it had the category “Let’s Rap, Kids!” In it, Trebek half-seriously rapped the most memorable parts to songs from Desiigner, Drake , Kendrick Lamar, Lil Wayne and Kanye West. Sound off below!!!

Please!!!Never change, “Jeopardy!” Never, ever change.