Watch Thot Model Viki Odintcova Dangle From Dubai’s Cayan Tower


(TIML NEWS) In late December, Instagram Thot  Viki Odintcova had social media going crazy, when she posted insane photos from atop Dubai’s Cayan Tower. If you haven’t seen it yet, just watch!!

Seen here in a Youtube clip, we see her titling backwards from atop the 1,004-foot tall tower and even dangling in the air, with only a man gripping her arm. No safety harnesses here, but hey, anything for the ‘Gram, right?




According to The Sun, the stunt got Odintcova in trouble with police, who took her into custody and made her sign a statement vowing her to never do it again.

Major General Khalil Ibragim Al-Mansuri of the Dubai Police said: “The actions of the Russian woman put her life at risk.”