JAY Z to Jay Electronica: ‘Let’s Put This Album Out Bro’


(TIML NEWS) It’s been nearly five years now since Jay Electronica announced that his debut album, Act II: Patents of Nobility (The Turn) was Finnaly completed and turned in, even going as far as revealing the Albums Tracklist has been exposed.

Since the announcement, Jay has released a few singles originally slated for the LP, including “Better In Tune With The Infinite” and the JAY Z-featured tracks “Road To Perdition” and “Shiny Suit Theory.” Whether the above tracklist is still set in stone remains to be seen.

With the NBA All-Star game in New Orleans this weekend, Jay Electronica put on for his hometown with a special performance. In attendance, Jay Z embraced the elusive rapper and uttered words we’ve all been waiting to hear: “let’s put this album out.” So, Act II in 2017 — or nah?


01 Real Magic f. Ronald Reagan
02 New Illuminati f. Kanye West
03 Patents of Nobility
04 Life On Mars f. Erykah Badu
05 Bonnie & Clyde f. Serge Gainsbourg
06 Dinner At Tiffanys (The Shiny Suit Theory) f. Charlotte Gainesbourg, Jay-Z & The-Dream
07 Memories & Merlot
08 Better In Tune With The Infinite f. Latonya Givens
09 A Letter to Fallon
10 Road to Perdition f. Jay-Z
11 Welcome to Knighsbridge f. Diddy
12 Rough Love f. Kanye West
13 Run & Hide f. The Bullitts
14 Nights Of The Roundtable
15 10,000 Lotus Petals