Rio’s Olympic Venues Abandoned Just Six Months Later


(TIML NEWS)  Despite promising a focus on environmental protection when bidding on the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, things built for the games look desolate and run down today. The Guardian offered a recent look at the structures and venues built for the game, which are shown in disrepair just six months later.

Most notably, the Maracanã Stadium, where soccer matches took place, has been looted and destroyed; the Games precinct has shut down; swimming facilities have been abandoned, with stagnant water collecting in the pools; two arenas — the velodrome and tennis center — have closed; and the Olympic golf course is struggling to attract players.

Of the 78,000 seats in the stadium, nearly 10% have been reportedly torn out, while windows have been smashed, copper wiring stolen from walls and ceilings, and the playing surface allowed to deteriorate.

In an interview with AAP, Catalytic Communities director Theresa Williamson said the Rio Games’ legacy is poor. “This all coincided with the economic recession, but in Rio, just like the boom here was more intense because of the Olympics, now the fall is more intense because of the Olympics. Everybody here is suffering right now, of all incomes and all stripes and colours.”

She also pointed out that 80,000 of Rio’s poor were removed from their homes to make way for the Games, but were not taken care of. “For the most part, they now live in worse situations than they did before — and these were already the poor in a very unequal city,” she said. “People are overwhelmingly not well. Everybody you talk to is struggling in some sense.”