Uber Gets Serious About Flying Taxi Service, Hires NASA Engineer


(TIML TECH) ) Anyone remembers that cartoon in the 80’S called “The Jetsons…. Uber is re-thinking that future transportation, hiring NASA engineer Mark Moore to help them develop a flying car project, reports Bloomberg.

The news follows a white paper Uber released in October, in which it reveals its vision for a flying taxi service that includes lightweight aircraft that take off and land vertically from preexisting urban heliports and skyscraper rooftops.

These VTOL (vertical takeoff and landing, pronounced vee-tol) aircraft would operate using fixed wings with tilt prop-rotors.

“Uber continues to see its role as an catalyst to the growing developing VTOL ecosystem,” said Nikhil Goel, UBER’s Head of Product for Advanced Programs, in a statement. “We’re excited to have Mark join us to work with companies and stakeholders as we continue to explore the use case described in our white paper.”

While Uber says it isn’t going to build its own flying car, they are ready to “contribute to the nascent but growing VTOL ecosystem and to start to play whatever role is most helpful to accelerate this industry’s development.”

Moore appears to believe in the model, because as Bloomberg reports, he left NASA one year before he was eligible for retirement and forfeits a significant portion of his pension and free health care for life. WOW!! Elroy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!