Meek Mill Denies Involvement in Nicki Minaj Robbery


(TIML NEWS) After Nicki Minaj’s Beverly Hills mansion was robbed last week, the Internet suggested Meek Mill had some involvement, given their recent break-up.

Meek, however, is denying those claims. TMZ caught up with the rapper outside a Houston nightclub on Friday (Feb. 3) and the cameraman asked him about what the internet has been thinking. “Do I look like I rob people? I got about $450k on my neck, $80k on my wrist. It look like I rob people?” Meek responded.

The cameraman then pressed him about whether he’s spoken with Nicki since the incident, to which Meek ended the interview. “You’re asking too many f*cking questions about my personal life,” he said, as he rolled up his window.

Robbers broke into Nicki’s home last week, stealing $200,000 worth of jewelry and other items, and completely trashed the place. Investigators believe the incident was “personal,” given that picture frames were broken and clothes were cut up, and furniture was flipped over.

The incident comes weeks after Nicki publicly revealed that she had broken up with Meek Mill last month.