Hackers Play YG’s “FDT” On Radio Stations Across U.S.


(TIML NEWS) Words we all live by….FDT With Idiot Donald Trump officially in office, the  detractors are going hard to get their point across. Most recently, hackers have begun hacking into radio stations across the country and playing YG’s controversial anti-Trump anthem, “F*ck Donald Trump”, on the air.

On Monday night (Jan. 30), the song (also referred to as “FDT”) played for 20 minutes straight on a small station in South Carolina. Other reports say the song was also broadcast on radio stations in Tennessee, Texas, Kentucky, Sacramento and Seattle.

Radio host Jeff BRight, who operates Sunny 107.9 radio in South Carolina, said he tracked the IP addresses of the hackers to Russia and Taiwan.

“We would like to thank our local TV stations who have helped get the word out about what happened to our station last night,” the station said on its Facebook page. “Thank you for your comments and supports. You folks are as mad as we are. Rest assured that we have taken every possible security measures to keep this from happening again. Unfortunately, this may happen again. We will try our best to keep this from occurring.” We need it to continue lol FDT!!!!!