Guy Successfully Picks Up Girl On Tinder With Eminem Lyrics


eminem-780x5201(TIML NEWS) Eminem’s influence on pop culture is so undeniable, it can even help you get a date. Take this guy, for example, who used Em’s lyrics to catch the attention of a girl on Tinder.

Using lyrics from the rapper’s hit “Stan”, an ode to obsessed fans, he broke the ice with a girl and may have a potential hook-up on his hands.

After some hilarious back-n-forth, the girl ultimately said she was moving outta town. But from there, he said he would post the conversation on Reddit, and she agreed that if it made the frontpage, she’d buy the drinks.

According to BroBible, it did, but it’s unclear if they two went on a date or not. Check out the convo below, which has garnered nearly 600,000 views on IMGUR. WOW Take a look below!!!