Apple’s Spaceship Is Nearly Ready for Inhabitants


(TIML NEWS)  It won’t be long until Tim Cook and his fellow employees move into their new headquarters. See the latest progress on Apple’s Mega Headquarters , Apple Campus 2

Late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs was one of the chief proponents for building a new Apple campus with a spaceship-like design, and worked on the company’s behalf to get the City of Cupertino to approve its construction before his death.

Apple’s Campus 2, which has been under construction for the last few years, will span 2.8 million square feet of office space when it’s completed and will house 12,000 employees, making it one of the largest office buildings and the biggest Apple office in the world. Additionally, it will be powered entirely by renewable energy.

Apple plans to move in to the campus this year, and by the look of things, the company is well on its way to doing just that. Wow I cant deny it..Apple is really outdoing themselves lol i would love to work here…Just saying