Washington D.C. Hotels Did Break a Record on Inauguration Weekend, Just Not the One the White House Needs


(TIML NEWS)  New hotel booking data for the weekend of Donald Trump‘s inauguration suggests attendance was not the highest ever, as the White House has stated.

From Thursday, January 18 (the night before the inauguration) through Friday, January 19 (the night of the inauguration and the night before the Women’s March on Washington), hotel occupancy in Washington D.C. was at 95.2%, a spokesperson for Destination DC, a private, non-profit that runs the city’s official tourism site confirms to PEOPLE.

In January 2013, the district’s hotels were only 78.3% occupied for the second inauguration of Barack Obama. But in 2009, Obama’s first inauguration saw occupancy at 97.2% for the same period of time, edging out Trump by 2%. No surprise here. Sound off below!!