Fresh Music Friday: Leila Dey & Hakeem Roze- Vibe


(TIML MUSIC) VIBE /vīb/ noun: a person’s emotional state or the atmosphere of a place as communicated to and felt by others.

“A vibe should be protected, especially when it’s the one you want to be in. It’s the environment you create for yourself to exist in. It’s yours. And yet without reason at all, some people come along and want to ruin it. Don’t let them.” – Leila Dey

With her first summer release of “VIBE” Leila teams up with long time friends and collaborators Matt Lawrence and Hakeem Roze, with the addition of Johnathan Gateretse, who you would have seen most recently on stage with her playing keys.

Leila Dey, expands her style to let you know she’s not to be kept in a box.

Check it out!