White Gospel Singer with Strong Black Following May Lose All of It After Insulting Obama, Praising Trump smh


(TIML NEWS) Singer Vicki Yohe has drawn heat from Black Twitter due to her resounding support for Donald Trump.

The gospel star revealed her support for President Trump over the weekend after the former host of “The Apprentice” was inaugurated Jan. 20. Yohe shared her political leanings the next day with an Instagram post that characterized the global women’s protests against Trump occurring all over the country as useless.

“March all you want, protest all you want, President Donald J. Trump is our president for at least 4 years,” she wrote. “No weapon formed upon him should prosper. You know you’re doing something right when there is so much opposition!!! #excitingtimes.”

Yohe’s image of Jesus carrying luggage to the White House also seemed to accuse former President Barack Obama of not being Christian and many Twitter users lashed out at the singer, who has amassed a huge fanbase within the Black church.