McDonald’s Celebrating New Big Macs With Special Sauce Giveaway


(TIML NEWS) All these Rappers claiming to have”Sauce” lol  but after announcing two new Big Mac sizes last fall, the new the Mac Jr. and Grand Mac have begun hitting McDonald’s locations… and to celebrate the company is hosting a special giveaway.

McDonald’s is celebrating the roll out with a giveaway of its iconic Big Mac Special Sauce. Beginning Thursday (Jan. 26), the fast food chain will give away 10,000 11.4-ounce bottles of Big Mac Special Sauce at select locations … to be unveiled tomorrow. Are you Loving it yet lol!!!!!


2 thoughts on “McDonald’s Celebrating New Big Macs With Special Sauce Giveaway

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    i visited my local McDonald’s to get a bottle of the special sauce give away only to find they are NOT even included as one of the selected stores participating in the give away. I am a Big Mac eater and now a Mac (i just finished 2 of them). It is sad to think think that an icon like McDonald’s cant afford to let everyone to have the opportunity to join in the celebration.


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