French Montana in his feelings & Takes A Shot At Iggy Azalea’s New Teenage Boyfriend?


(TIML NEWS) So French Montana is in his feelings because Iggy curved his silly ass lol . So Word on the street is that Iggy is dating a much Younger Dude named Ljay Currie. The crazy part is Currie is only 19, and Iggy is 27. Ljay is clearly winning here folks.

Iggy and Currie are said to have met at a skating rink, and apparently Currie is already head-over-heels in  lust with Iggy.

The kicker here is that he just graduated high school two years ago and is said to be living in Iggy’s house, driving her cars, and even wearing the jewelry that French Montana bought her.

There’s more! It looks like French Montana may be taking a shot at Iggy’s teen boyfriend.

In “Tweet and Delete” files French Montana tweeted,

“Play with my emotions I’m shoot your punk A-s 😑 lol”

Lol someone certainly feels played lol..sound off below!!