Remember That Awkward Moment When R. Kelly Thanked Aaliyah During 1994 Award Show?


(TIML NEWS) R. Kelly has been known for creating some of the biggest R&B hits of the 90’s and he has also gone down in history for one of the biggest scandals of the decade, allegedly sleeping with under aged women. So, needless to say, when he thanked late R&B singer Aaliyah, it was a tad bit awkward and caused people to raise an eyebrow.

I stumbled upon this video while watching old performances of Kelly and was taken by surprise. It’s very clear that R. Kelly loved and possibly still does love, Aaliyah Haughton.

This night at the Billboard Music Awards was one of the biggest nights in Kelly’s career, think Michael Jackson at Motown 25 or Madonna at VMA 1984; this was Kelly’s breakthrough and a major night as the top R&B artist in the world. I find it interesting that he wanted to give a special thanks to not only his mother Joanne Kelly but ‘best friend in the whole wide world’ Aaliyah, who at the time released her debut album in May 1994. Speaks volumes to how he felt about Aaliyah. Notice the body language: he grabs his headmic to make it clear and mention Aaliyah’s name.