Did You Know That Many Millennials Are Not Interested In Marriage And Church?


(TIML NEWS) There is something serious going on, people. Imagine, for the first time in U.S. history, the number of singles outnumbers those are married. More people, especially millennials, are choosing to live single and they have no apology for it.

There are, however, some millennials who believe something needs to be done to salvage the situation.

“25 percent of Millennials do not get married at all,” stated Jennifer Murff of Millennials for Marriage. “They don’t want to get married. They’ve said ‘this is not for me.’” Murff understands well that these millennials are making their decisions based on their unique experiences and that’s why she normally speaks with them and tries to address their concerns.

Josh Craddock of Personhood U.S.A. too is concerned about the dwindling numbers of the married.

“Millennials have considered marriage to be more of a capstone than a cornerstone institution,” said Craddock. “You have to have education, you have to have a job, you have to have your life together before you get married. That’s just not true. When you get married, that’s something that you’re going to build on. You can support one another through getting an education, through getting jobs and all of that. So I find it to be a mutual support system.”

To make it worse, more millennials are choosing to stay away from the church. Reports reveal that a whopping 72% of millennials don’t attend church, a big contrast compared to the 51% of the older generation of Americans that attend church services.

Both marriage and church are traditional institutions that were widely embraced back in the days. But society is fast shunning everything traditional, leading to the swift decline in the numbers of those joining hands in marriage or attending church services. The rate of divorce is also so high that many people would rather not go into marriage in the first place.

Pastor Matt Chewning, who’s also a millennial, believes the best way to tackle the issue is by being both open and genuine while addressing these questions in church. That’s why, he says, he openly tells his congregants that he faces the same temptations they face and that everyone is saved by the grace of God through Jesus Christ.

“That rawness, that element of authenticity, really marks our generation,” Chewning stated. “Therefore it ought to mark the churches that are trying to reach our generation.”

Parents too are a big let down. Fewer parents are spending time teaching their children about marriage and church. In a society that’s so confused, that’s subjecting a child to a disorganized system of things, meaning they too will end up confused. With schools also becoming secular, children are left in a spiritual desert and the results are obvious. Sound off below!!!