Self-Described Colorism Activist to Launch Magazine for Dark-Skinned Women and Girls


(TIML NEWS) Social media personality Chrissie has established a fundraising account to launch a magazine that will cater to dark-skinned Black woman. The self-described colorism activist explained Divine Dark Skin Magazine will be a publication that represents “chocolate and mahogany-colored skin on nearly every page.

“The magazine is for Black women so it will include all shades but dark and brown-skinned women will be the majority and there will be no light-skinned, racially ambiguous looking women,” Chrissie told Atlanta Black Star. “Dark skinned women and girls are severely misrepresented and under represented in today’s media so this online and print publication is necessary for those reasons.” 

Chrissie, who has remained anonymous online for the past five years, explained on her GoFundMe page that the online and print magazine will be a place where dark-skinned women can share their experiences.

“Are you excited to finally flip through a publication or go on a site that has chocolate and mahogany-colored skin on nearly every page, a magazine that is TRULY exclusive for Black women?” she asks potential donors. “What about an authentic safe space for our stories, our triumphs and our pain as Black women and girls?”

Chrissie promised DDS magazine is “coming soon” but explained she needed help raising funds for website expenses, manufacturing costs, advertising and overhead fees like insurance and equipment purchases. The account, which has been established since Dec. 13, currently has raised $1,350 of a $15,000 goal. Sound off below!!