Social Media Attacks Tamar Braxton For Seemingly Defending Kim Burrell


(TIML NEWS) Just last week, famous gospel singer and songwriter, Kim Burrell, was heard making a statement where she’d unapologetically offered up her two cents against the LGBT community.

While the internet, as well as some of the most popular celebrities, have gone in on Burrell for her comments, another singer has now chimed in and this time she is finding herself at the receiving end of the backlash as well.

Singer and reality star, Tamar Braxton, recently caught wind of Burrell’s situation and was allegedly nudged by TMZ to comment, especially after many believed that the little sister of Toni Braxton was defending her in the first place.

“I’m ONLY saying something because tmz asked me about it this morning,” she wrote. “Here is the whole thing… While I DO NOT agree on ANY level about what Kim said nor feels… most of y’all are nailing her to the cross meanwhile most of y’all voted for Trump!”

She’d then gone on to speak on what she was taught in the church as a child and how that can be a part of the problem.

“PLEASE have SEVERAL [seats]. Y’all ripping her to shreds for what she has been taught in church (hell, most of us has) but thank GOD he’s opened most of our eyes of what was taught and believed back in the day so traditionally that’s what they continue to preach to our generation!!!” Braxton continues. “There has been MANY of services that I have attended where it’s been crazy talk of such!! (and you have too) especially in the black churches!!! We need to show her LOVE, PRAY for her understanding and help her realize (also people who believe such ignorance)..that what she has been brought up to believe, isn’t the way the world and things really is.”

She’d then began talking about politics, attacking Trump and his supporters, while also announcing that she is excited about the new launch of her television show.