Jay Z & Beyoncé Rumored To Be Performing At Obama’s Final White House Party


(TIML NEWS) Much has been made in the last few weeks over President-elect Donald Trump’s cant find any bands to play at his inauguration ceremony on January 20.

A report in The Washington Post suggests that President Obama is not having the same problem as he plans for his final White House party, reportedly going down Friday (January 6). Both Jay Z and Beyoncé are rumored to be performing at the outgoing president’s last celebration, with other big names also likely to be in attendance.

Nothing’s confirmed yet, but the Washington Post has also reported that regular White House guests Usher, Oprah Winfrey and Bradley Cooper are all on the guest-list for the evening. Star Wars directors J.J. Abrams and George Lucas are also set to be included in the festivities. All the info comes from “a person with knowledge of the invitees.”

Beyoncé has a long history with the Obamas, having performed at both of the president’s inaugural ceremonies. The president has also made no secret of his admiration for Jay Z, calling the Brooklyn vet his favourite rapper alongside Kendrick Lamar.

“Jay Z’s still the king. I mean he’s got a track record,” Obama said earlier this year. Sound off below!!!


One thought on “Jay Z & Beyoncé Rumored To Be Performing At Obama’s Final White House Party

  1. Melinda says:

    They are worthless pieces of shit!!! Beyoncé has shown her hatred of our police officers & her disregard for their lives. Obama has repeatedly, turned the people against our officers. He has divided the US into two categories (black or white). They all deserve each others company but they surely don’t deserve police or security for this event.


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