Angelina’s Million Dollar Skin Empire Under Attack By Ex-Husband Brad Pitt


(TIML NEWS) Things are certainly getting messy between these two. Angelina and Brad pitt discuss their mutual pre-nup agreement. Reportedly, the decision to have a clause in which Angelina would win custody over their children and a large majority of their financials if Brad were to dip back into his infidelity habits was encouraged by their legal teams.

With a joint net worth of over $425 million, it was necessary to protect the most valuable assets in their lives- their children. Most of their assets have been kept hidden for privacy reasons up until now, however with the divorce looming over their heads, bringing these hidden assets to light has becoming increasingly necessary. One of the biggest streams of revenue for the couple, worth close to 50% of their her incomes, is Angelina’s skincare business. Something that Brad did not know about. And he is pissed about it. More on this as it develops.