Freedom Paper Company Offers Opportunity to Distribute Toilet Paper



(TIML NEWS) If you purchase and/or use toilet paper, you should get acquainted with Freedom Paper Company LLC, a privately owned distributor of bathroom tissue and other paper products headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland.

“We can’t depend on others any longer. We need an economic movement and we can start with a product that everyone is already buying. Bathroom tissue is a $2.4 billion industry in the U.S.,” said Kamose Muhammad, Founder and President of Freedom Paper Company, LLC.

The company is unique because it is Black owned and born from the foundation of grassroots movement combined with the best of corporate culture and business acumen. Not only does the company seek opportunities to give back to the community, but they have distributor opportunities as well. Freedom Paper Company provides a multitude of benefits through its products including small business development and customer incentives.

Beginning January of 2016 we are offering a new and unique program for those who have the desire to join the economic revolution and who want to create a new economic paradigm where they live.

The Freedom Paper Company Outlet/Coop Program is for those who have business skills, who want to own a business, are vested in community, and desire to control their own destiny while growing and developing a business at a pace they can handle

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