Ronda Rousey knocked out in 48 seconds at UFC 207


(TIML SPORTS) Ronda Rousey was once again pummeled by a striker and lost her second consecutive bout.Amanda Nunes finished off Ronda Rousey in just 48 seconds on Friday.
Rousey hit hard, but her striking defense was never great and so she had problems when facing elite strikers like Nunes and Holm.

If the loss prompts Rousey to retire, as expected, it will be the end of an incredible run. UFC president Dana White had famously said he would never allow women to fight in the UFC, but after seeing Rousey, he changed his mind.

She sold out arenas all over the world and sold pay-per-views at an astonishingly high rate. She won her first six UFC fights and it looked like no one could compete with her.

But Holm, a former world boxing champion, showed the blueprint last year at UFC 193. Holm moved smartly and countered Rousey before ending the fight with a kick to the head.

On Friday, it wasn’t so subtle. Nunes was eager to trade with Rousey, whose head never moved off the center line as she was getting blasted by hard shots.

Nunes was in the middle of a multi-punch combination when referee Herb Dean stepped in to save Rousey from further more punishment. smh sound off below!!!