An Amazon Echo Is The Key Witness In A Murder Case


(TIML NEWS) Wow the police are serious about this…Amazon has spent Christmas plugging the heck out of the Echo. And to be fair, the speaker, which is connected to your Amazon account and recognizes your voice, can be incredibly useful provided you don’t put it near a Google Home. But it turns out the always-on nature of the device means it’s about to wind up on the witness stand.

Police in Bentonville, AR, recently issued a warrant to Amazon over the murder case of Victor Collins. Specifically, they were looking for any data that the Echo recorded during that time, including audio, and are pairing that data with other information from the home of Collins’ alleged murderer to assemble a timeline of events and prove the state’s case. The question, of course, is whether the suspect’s own gadgets can be ordered to rat him out, something his attorney is fighting vigorously. Sound off below smh.