Germany Was Responsible for the Genocide of Thousands of Namibians. Now, It’s Finally Ready to Talk Reparations.


(TIML NEWS) It seems like everyone who had wrong done to them are receiving reparations except The ‘African American’….. For what was recognized as the first genocide of the 20th century, in which thousands of men women, and children were starved, tortured and/or gunned down by German troops working to quell rebellious tribes in what is today Namibia, the European nation is finally in talks to discuss possible reparations to descendants of the massacre’s victims. Now only if The United States Of America could follow suite.

Mediation between German and Namibian governments over reparation payments, as well as an apology, to descendants of the plundered Herero and Namaqua people are expected to be completed before next June, according to The Guardian. The discussions are the latest move by Germany to atone for its role in the heinous massacre, while also raising global awareness of the genocide, which has become largely forgotten in both Europe and Africa.

The mass killing of the Namibian people was sparked by a 1904 rebellion by the Herero tribe against German troops, as European forces moved in on the Southwestern region of Africa to confiscate the land and create new colonies. Over a hundred German civilians were killed in the Herero rebellion that year. Peoples of the smaller Namaqua tribe joined the uprising the following year.

That same month, Al Jazeera reported that a group of Namibian leaders, lawyers and heads of civic organizations traveled to Berlin with a petition signed by over 2,000 German officials demanding that the country take responsibility for its heinous massacre against the Herero and Namaqua peoples and grant them reparations.

The Namibian people have put increasing pressure on the German government to pay for its crime. For instance, in 2001, the Herero People’s Reparations Corporation filed a civil lawsuit with a U.S. court requesting $2 billion in reparation payments from the German government and several corporations, according to Al Jazeera. Their effort was unsuccessful at the time but brought much-needed attention to the brutality suffered by over 65,000 Namibians over a century ago.

The Namibian people’s quest for justice has been long fought and historians have argued that Germany’s willingness to possibly grant reparations could pave the way for a host of other African nations that suffered violence and mistreatment at the hands of European settlers.

“Reparation payment to Namibia could set a precedent for Belgium and the Congo, France and Algeria or Great Britain and the history of the slave trade,” Hamburg University historian Jürgen Zimmerer said. “Descendants of the Herero know that, too. Drop a comment below!!!