Watch Action Bronson Drink Natural Wines With Winemaker Frank Cornelissen

(TIML NEWS)  Action Bronson has an insatiable thirst for natural wine, and some of his favorites, like Susucaru, are made by Frank Cornelissen, a winemaker from the Northern valley of Mount Etna in Sicily.

Along with Justin Chearno, wine director of Brooklyn-based restaurant The Four Horsemen, and winemaker Frank Cornelissen, Action Bronson spends an ample amount of time trying out some of the planet’s best wines on a recent episode of Munchies.

In the surprisingly anticlimactic clip, the Flushing, Queens rapper momentarily puffs on a blunt, cracks some jokes and seems to relish every beverage he puts to his lips. Bronson’s VICELAND show, F*ck, That’s Delicious, resumes for its second season at the top of the year. Watch the clip above.