The Grammy Nominees Are: Who Tops the List with 9 Nominations


(TIML MUSIC) The nominees were announced  for the 59th Grammy Awards and there are some surprises and some nominations were certain to be on the list. This year’s Grammy’s will definitely be ladies night with Beyonce, Rihanna and Adele making multiple appearances in several different categories.

The woman to beat this year is Queen Bey whose “Lemonade” has garnered her a total of  9 nominations. For three of the top awards, Beyonce will be going up against British singer Adele.  Drake and Rihanna also will have received multiple nominations.


Here are just some of the highlights of some of your favorite artists  who made the cut for the Grammys 2016.


ALBUM OF THE YEAR:  You could see this coming with your eyes closed…Beyonce’s most talked about performances and songs from “Lemonade” was certain to top this list.  But don’t give Queen Bey the crown just yet because she’s up against some top talent including Drake’s “View” and English sensation Adele with her album “25” broke some records thanks to her #1 hit “Hello”. The “Hello” video broke Vevo’s record for the most view in one day and racked up an astonishing one billion views on Youtube in less than 3 months. This without a doubt will be one of the toughest categories since most people expect it to be a head-to-head battle between Bey and the British singer.



RECORD OF THE YEAR:  You can pretty much anticipate that when an album is hot, at least one of the songs from the Best Album category will make its way to this list as well.  So is the case for Beyonce’s “Formation” and keeping pace with the Queen is Adele’s “Hello”.  Drake also makes it to this category, but only as the featured artist on  his on again/off again love interest Rihanna’s hit song “Work”.



SONG OF THE YEAR: 2016 brought us some pretty amazing songs and this is going to be another big category.  Beyonce and Adele seem to be battling it out for the most nominations. At this point, both divas are keeping pace bringing in their third nomination.  Beyonce’s “Formation” and “Hello” again from Adele. The two women square off again in the BEST POP SOLO PERFORMANCE with Beyonce’s “Hold Up” earning a spot in this category





BEST NEW ARTIST  Even though he’s been on the music scene since 2011, Anderson .Paak didn’t release his solo debut album “Venice” until 2014.  The California native’s “Malibu” was considered one of the stellar break out artists of the year with saying 2016 was a “breakthrough year for the Dr. Dre protege.”  “Malibu” drew a lot of critical praise thanks to songs like “Am I Wrong” and “Room in Here”. .Paak has talked about his difficult childhood of mixed-race parents and how all of that past drama comes out in his freestyle.



Even though there are five people in this field of nominees, .Paak’s biggest competition may come from fellow nominee Chance the Rapper.  Both artists arrived on the hip-hop scene around the same time and quickly proved they were virtually overnight sensations.  Chance’s third mix-tape “Coloring Book” was released exclusively on Apple Music’s streaming service. In the first week alone, the mixtape was streamed closed to 60 million times and debuted at number 8 on Billboard’s 200. Fans weren’t the only ones raving about Chance’s “Coloring Book”, the release earned widespread acclaim from just about every music critic receiving an average score of 90 from about 20 critics. Sound off below if youll be watching.