New Christmas Sweaters Mourn The Death of Harambe


(TIML NEWS) Okayyy So a Cleveland t-shirt company has now come up with the idea of selling their very own Harambe sweaters. Fresh Brewed Tees is now serving up a whole line of ugly Christmas sweaters, inspired by pop culture, politics and memes. However, there is one reason why they have seemed to catch everyone’s eye and it is because they are putting the dead gorilla on one of their sweater designs.

“Harambe loved (whatever)” has become the latest gag via social media ever since the Cincinnati Zoo animal was shot and killed back in May of this year. So, I guess it would only make sense that the sweaters feature the likeliness of the monkey wearing a Santa hat, along with a New Year’s party horn stuck in his mouth.

The sweater will also say “Harambe Loved Christmas” above, because, why not?The latest fashion trend is a 50/50 cotton/polyester blend, which we can guess Harambe would have probably loved as well..Smh not sure if I should have blogged about this smh.