Bobby Brown ‘Intends to Pursue’ $36 Million Collection from Nick Gordon — Including Whitney Houston’s $1.5 Million Ring, Say Lawyers


(TIML News)  As the plot thickens….Bobby Brown issued a statement saying he was “pleased” by a judge’s ruling yesterday that found Nick Gordon liable for the wrongful death of Bobbi Kristina Brown. As part of the settlement, Gordon has been ordered to pay $36 million to Bobbi Kristina’s estate — and Brown intends to collect immediately.

“Bobby is relieved to have this chapter of the process behind him, but now he intends to actively pursue the collection against Nick Gordon,” Brown’s attorney, Craig Terrett, tells PEOPLE. “We will be working with a collection attorney in Florida and we are moving forward quickly. We will be attaching the judgements to all those things in Florida.”

Those close to Gordon admit that he does not have sufficient assets or funds to pay the high settlement cost, so instead they will garnish his wages. “If he goes on Dr. Phil, they will get that money. If he writes a book, and so on,” explains Terrett.

In addition to the money, the judge also ruled to repossess an engagement ring believed to be in Gordon’s possession that was originally owned by Brown’s former wife, Bobbi Kristina’s late mother Whitney Houston. “It was Whitney’s ring and Bobby wants it back,” says Terrett. “That ring is valued  as determined by the courts to be $1.5 million.

Glenda Hatchett, the co-counsel for Bobbi Kristina’s estate executor Bedelia Hargrove, echoed a familiar sentiment from the Brown family. “It is the principle more than the money,” she tells PEOPLE. “We know does not have that kind of money, but we never want him to profit from this. This judgement over him will make sure of that to make sure people know about his despicable behavior, how he battered her, assaulted her many times.”

Despite the heartbreaking ordeal, Terrett says that Brown is eager to move forward with criminal proceedings. “Bobby is feeling reinvigorated and wants to get justice through the criminal justice system more than ever. He intends to push Fulton County DA Paul Howard to move forward. He said that since the case is still considered an ongoing investigation by the DA, it’s hampering everyone’s ability to get the evidence and the documents that they need for criminal because they are all sealed during an active investigation. This is just sad. Leave a comment below.